Junior Blades Ice Skating Club teaches their members to figure skate therefore please ensure that you wear figure skates and not hockey boots.

When getting your skates from Boot Hire please specify that they must be figure skates.  NO HOCKEY SKATES!!!

Ensure that the boots are fastened correctly before getting onto the ice.  If you have your own figure skates please read our suggested way to lace them correctly for the benefit of your skating.

If you are purchasing second hand skates from someone, please check the quality with one of our committee members before purchasing. (The 2nd hand skates on our table have already been checked)


In the quest for continual improvement Junior Blades has decided that it will be compulsory for all Skaters to wear name badges as part of their uniform. This will help the coaches on the ice to address the children by name.

Name badges can be ordered from the Front desk.  All our skaters are expected to wear their name badges.  NO badge = NO skate

Hair to be neat, tidy and out of your face.

The JB Uniform is compulsory for ALL one month after joining and consists of a turquoise t-shirt with the JB logo in black, which is available for purchase from the JB Front Desk inside the rink every Saturday morning. This can be worn with any black tracksuit pants or a black skirt.  NO uniform = NO skate.

Also available at the clothing stand near the PRO are black sweatshirts with a turquoise JB logo as well as the new turquoise and black tracksuit tops with JB logo embroidered on the front of the jacket and the name of the club embroidered on the back of the jacket.

When the skater passes a grade, a badge for that particular grade can be purchased and then sewn onto the sleeve of either the sweatshirt or the tracksuit.


4-5; 5-6; 7-8 & 9-10
R 130
11-12 & 13-14
R 140
S, M, L & XL R 150
3-4; 5-6 R 260
7-8; 9-10 R 260
11-12 & 13-14 R 280
S; M & L
R 380
5-6 R 350
7-8 R 350
9-10 R 390
11-12 R 390
13-14 R 390
S R 440
M R 440
L R 440
All Grades – cloth R 25
Name Badge R 60
Name Badge
Replacement Pin
R 2
Membership card holder R 10
Lanyard R 15
Gloves R50
Soakers R140