Rink Rules

Rules & Regulations as per The Ice Station:

1. No access to the upstairs function room without a rink issued grey access disk.

2. No U18 allowed upstairs unless they are accompanied by their parent/s.

3. No one may enter the premises via the emergency, the rear exit/entrance doors.

4. DO NOT stick notices on painted surfaces.

5. The furniture may not be removed from the function room.

6. All contracts pertaining to club coaches have to be approved by the ice rink.

7. The rubber path around the ice rink is considered an emergency evacuation route, therefore this may not be cordoned off or have obstructions (i.e. tables).

8. On the public side of the ice the rink rules apply, there may be no jumping , spinning etc.

9. Approval via the ice rink must be obtained for furniture that is used from the food court and it is your responsibility to return the furniture NOT the ice rinks.

10. The cookie tables may only have GW approved “goodies” to sell.

11. The ice rink duty managers are in charge of the rink. If you have queries they should be able to assist you if not they will get hold of the rink GM.

12. Keep the ticket office on the side where the small window is utilised clean, pick up all clippings.

13. All activities/bookings in the function room are to be channelled through Helga Pinto.

14. If there is a function in the function room then you will not have access to your offices.

15. When your session has ended, stow the blue cushions in the garage neatly.

16. Alcohol is only allowed to be served from the bar when there is an authorised function.

17. No jumping on and misusing the couches.

18. The function room is not a change room, your members including committee members must use the change rooms.

19. Skate blades must have guards if entering the function room.

20. In the function room put all the tables and chairs back where they were found.

21. Clean up all loose trash when your club activities have ended.

22. Air conditioner and lights must be turned “off” when not in use.